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Feb 3, 2013 10:00am EST
and months and months barack obama ran against congress when he won re-election and now he's trying to work with them. there has been something like a mood of amity in washington and for folks facing re-election from 2014 the political pressures are are going to be very different than for barack obama, who is not running again, right? but i do think he wants to they can -- check this one off. >> i also think that 9 republicans really want to get something done here. chris: off their backs. >> on immigration. chris: and gun safety, the new term of art now. the member of congress can sit home and he or she knows exact lib the gun situation in their districts more than the president knows. >> in the case of background checks, deep background checks, there is something like 90% support for that. studies have shown when presidents get out there and try to bring to washington and understanding that the people out in the country already have, in other words when he's not changing minds but chanepping energy -- chris: which is there because of this. >> he can get it done on background checks. the r
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Feb 3, 2013 1:30am EST
-- >> the obama administration is against them. and the obama administration has said no. >> you know, there is a board narrative here going on and that is that finally, the chickens are coming home to roost on president obama's varied economic policy. most people thought they voted for obama if you made less than $250,000 a year because you weren't going to get your taxes increased. guess what? you got a big fat tax increase. >> ben, go ahead. >> the worst thing that could have possibly happened in this country is to lose the constitution. that's worst than having these people covered by medicaid instead of by oak obamacare. losing the constitution is the crisis. >> we're not there yet. >> gary k, you know what? you have been staunchly opposed to this from the very beginning. i read your work. the unions are now, everyone is included. do you think this is where ben's right, that we're going in this direction, that we're going to lose the constitution? >> i don't know if you lose it whole, but i have to tell you there are pieces that are being thrown out the window right now. you know
Feb 3, 2013 11:00am EST
blatant hypocrisy after a judge ruled against president obama's power to make recess appointments while the senate is out of session. "the wall street journal"'s page fully supported president bush's right to make such appointments but says obama is doing the constitutional equivalent of sticking a thumb in the eye and hitting below the belt. the new york tiles liberal editorial page ripped bush saying it was disturbing w. had exhibited a grandiose vision of executive power but hailed obama of his approval saying republican [ inaudible ] was far worse. >>> linda carson of wwsb in sarasota reporting from a florida county fair on kids who raise goats and then things went slightly off script. . >> the judging is complete so come on out and meet the winners. the goats will be here through saturday and they're very friendly. from the county fair, linda carson, abc 7. would you not eat my pants. ah! >> talk about the subject budding in. good for linda carson for handling the knockdown with good humor. that's it for this edition of "reliable sources" if you missed a program get our podcast on
Feb 3, 2013 3:00pm EST
obama gave speeches against it. vice-president biden voted against it. dick lugar voted against it. there were some other republicans. as to the iranian red line, persian gulf, some of the iranian questions you asked, i support the president's strong position of containment, as i said, and i will speak more specifically to a couple of the examples used from my book. but his position i think is right, and when you ask the question about red line, red line, i think the president has gone as far as he can go publicly on that, and he said clearly that in his words, he has israel's back. he said his policy is not to allow the iranians to get a nuclear weapon. what constitutes when the action would be taken? i think that is always something that should not be discussed publicly or debated publicly or out in the public domain. your quotations from my book, which you acknowledge as well, and i always say military options should be on the table, and i had said that consistently, as well as engaging with iran. i have always thought it is far smarter to approach these very serious threats, in
Feb 3, 2013 10:00am PST
in the crisis that any action has been taken against such a high-ranking church official. >>> the obama administration announced a new attempted compromise with religious groups friday in the ongoingispute over the controversial "contraception mandate" in the healthcare law. under the new proposed rules, faith-based nonprofit employers with religious objections would not have to cover free contraceptive services for their employees. instead, the insurer or another third-party would provide the coverage at no cost to either the employee or the nonprofit. the new rules would widen the number of groups exempted from the mandate, although religious for-profits would still have to comply. some religiousroups said they were satisfied with the new rules, but others remained concerned. the u.s. catholic bishops said they are studying the proposal. >>> also this week, president obama made a strong push for comprehensive immigration reform this week, as did some members of the senate, who presented their own bipartisan plan. faith groups across the religious spectrum praised both efforts, saying
Feb 2, 2013 4:00pm PST
of the debate over the fight against terrorism. what about the undermining of civil liberties here at home? the rights of suspects? the secret surveillance of american citizens? the swollen executive powers first claimed by george w. bush and now by barack obama? soon after he succeeded bush, president obama announced he would not permit torture and would close down the detention camp at guantanamo bay. he also said this -- >> our actions in defense of liberty will be just as our cause. and that we the people will uphold our fundamental values as vigilantly as we protect our security. once again america's moral example must be the bedrock and the beacon of our global leadership. >> four years later, guantanamo not only remains open, but a few days ago, the state department announced it was eliminating the office assigned to close the prison and move its detainees. meanwhile, president obama has stepped up the use of unmanned drones against suspected terrorists abroad. those drone attacks have killed a growing number of civilians and have prompted the united nations to launch an investigati
Feb 3, 2013 1:05pm EST
believe obama won because everyone they know voted against him. the point is, we have different perspectives on this. the reason i will oppose the legislation, chief johnston, is because i respect what you do as a law-enforcement officer. has your budget been cut? >> yes. >> will it be cut in the future? >> i am optimistic that it is not. >> because of the fiscal state of affairs we have, there will be less police officers, not more, over the next decade. response time will be more, not less. so, mr. kelly, i really do want to get guns out of the hands of the wrong people. i honest to god believe that if we arbitrarily say nobody in this country can own a 10-round magazine in the future, there could be a situation where a mother runs out of bullets because of something we do here. i cannot prevent every bad outcome, but i do know and believe in the bottom of my heart that i am not an unreasonable person by saying that in some circumstances the 15-round makes sense and in other situations the ar-15 makes sense. this is why we have these hearings. i really do appreciate the fact t
Feb 3, 2013 4:00am PST
really gave an issue to barack obama who as a state senator was out there in chicago in probably a liberal district and he voted against the war without worrying about it. she hedged her bets and voted for the war, and i think that was her biggest impediment to winning. i don't think she has that kind of impediment this time around. >> no, and she learned how to communicate with working class folks. if you remember, chris, four or five years ago, hillary clinton's biggest problem was working class women, blue collar women. yet by the end of that campaign, she was racking up huge majorities in west virginia and kentucky and pennsylvania and places like that, and she attracted those working class women. she was like a rock star in the parades we went to in scranton and pittsburgh and places like that. so she learned to communicate as a populist, as a real populist. that will hold her in good stead. i think she learned to save some money for contingencies. remember, if they had any money after super tuesday, i think they would have been the nominee, but they spent all their money, a
Feb 3, 2013 9:00am PST
obama's but i disagree and i'm voting against him. the way it worked before, the president gets to pick his nominees and it's not an acceptable reason to vote against him because he agrees with the guy who nominated him. >> how much of the hearing was politics? how much policy? how much personal? break it down. >> it's a side show. this is senate. it's the opposite party. when they are nominating, democrats do it, republicans do it. it's also personal. with chuck hagel, he served with them. he was a di- visive figure. you are not going to see a lot of republicans doing it. it's part policy, it's part political -- politics and gets personal. >> you know, the personal part of it, it seemed to take it to a completely different level this week. i mean am i completely wrong? >> it did. i don't think hagel helped himself by his performance calling the legitimate state of iran, having to go back and pausing and assaulting, you know, kind of performance. certainly very different than what you saw the performance that senator kerry gave and the reception by his colleagues. >> anna, your article,
Feb 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
for every sale at every gun show. >> the ad was paid for by mayors against illegal guns a group co-chaired by new york city mayor michael bloomberg, a 30-second spot at the super bowl cost $3.8 million. >>> and reaction to president obama firing a gun at camp david last summer. the white house released the photo about questions that the president's claim that he shoots skeet all the time. the nra responded writing one picture dock not erase a lifetime supporting every gun ban. the president travels to minnesota on monday to push for his gun control legislation. >>> reaction from montgomery county. firefighters attacking heavy flames at this house in gaithersburg. video shows some thick smoke bill low i billowing out of the home. they think the fire started in the basement, and fortunately no one was hurt. >>> and a woman rescued when firefighters pulled her from her burning home on price lane. photos from the fire department show heavy smoke in the air. the victim was treated for injuries by paramedics at the scene. >>> concern for some after the prince george's county fire departm
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Feb 3, 2013 3:00am PST
federal and appeal courts against obama care have been approved. >> 11 out of 15? >> 11 out of 15. >> father great, great seeing you on. >> next week i'm going to propose to everyone a lynn ton 2013 challenge. lent of is coming up. put it on facebook or twitter. announce it how to live for easter better. lenten challenge 2013. >> thank you, father. coming up on the show the nfl seeing a surgeon in the number of head injuries. so could concussions kill football in america? we're going to go to new orleans with brian kilmeade. is he live there this super bowl sunday. we're going to dive into that a little bit more. ♪ why don't you hit me with the best shot. ♪ hit me with your best shot ♪ fire away. to build next ? that's the question. every day. when you have the most advanced tools, you want to make something with them. something that helps. helps safeguard our shores. helps someone see through a wall of fire. helps those nowhere near the right doctor stand a chance. ... feeling in the extremities ? no. technology can do that. who can tell me the third life cycle stage of the
Feb 3, 2013 8:00am PST
amendment, which failed and which killed immigration reform, was voted down by democrats, barack obama among them, barbara boxer of california, a state that desperately needs a guest worker program, why, because organized labor was against it. i also am very optimistic about this bill. it is carefully crafted to acknowledge that we have to deal with the people who are here today, but also that we have to actually reform our legal immigration system so that we have a guest worker program that works, so that we have border security, so that we don't have 16 different visa programs and many of the people who are here illegally have overstayed their visas, in other words, we have a host of problems that have to be solved. this gang of eight bill i think is a first step towards solving them. what i hope, what i hope is that while it's easy to always blame the republicans, i hope that the democrats and organized labor will not push their opposition to a guest worker program so far that they kill the whole deal because they did it last time. >> let me say something. it is amazing that the border is
Feb 3, 2013 6:30am EST
studying this movement all this time against my will, because this power drag me into it i'm sure glad they did, is that from frederick douglass to martin luther king to barack obama today, that magnificent progress that's going forward, we change, we are more accepting, we have a lot more blessing, we have a black man in the white house, but the acceptance and public culture of barack obama by the millions of white people who voted for him is still largely on their terms, not his. it's the people on the other side who are forced to accommodate across the lines, force always black folks have had -- it's not a choice and luxury to do with race. including barack obama who can't talk about race right now because if he does, the people who voted for him will find some reason to say that he is emphasizing too much. so race is still there. a place, it can pay enormous dividends in our future. to me, it is vital we get our sense of history more in line with what happened so we can restore our confidence and capacities of government to move forward. and i'm not saying it's going to be easy, bu
Feb 3, 2013 8:00am PST
this week. here is the a.p. headline. u.s. limited in fight against north african militants. the united states is struggling to confront an uptick in threats in the newest hot spot with limited intelligence and few partners to help as the obama administration weighs who you to keep islamic extremists from jeopardizing national security without launching war. we want to put up a map here. and explain to people where this is. egypt, libya, algeria, mali, niger. when i read about the idea that we don't have enough intelligence, we've known about al qaeda in north africa since before 9/11. this is the original safe haven of osama bin laden, was north africa. did we drop the ball? >> you know, when al qaeda attacked the united states on 9/11, and it became clear that we had to go to war on terrorism against al qaeda, we focused on al qaeda's core leadership and where they were at. and we've done that. we've gone after them in pakistan, afghanistan, and going after them in yemen, going after them in somalia. yes, they are out there. >> it's been out there a long time, right? it's not new. >>
Feb 3, 2013 12:00pm PST
. they're not going to back anything that has the name barack obama on it. so when it comes to, for instance, immigration rights, he can talk about extending it to the gay community because he's pressing two bigot buttons, hatred against immigrants and their fury against gays. >> isn't that a little unfair? look at what senator rubio has done, he's urged conservatives to try to come to the table. wants to make a deal. >> pardon the interruption, but i think what i would probably suggest is that when it came time to introduce what i would think would be a common sense part of immigration, to include people from the lgbt community, rubio talked about how obama was going too far. it is absurd that we even have this kind of an issue. >> it's not just rubio who said it. at this point, senator john mccain said the same thing. there have been a number of republicans who have said that if that is part of any sort of comprehensive immigration bill, that bill probably won't see the light of day. stand by. quick break. we got to pay a lot of bills here. when we come back, new indications
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)